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May 2015 -- Website Update: We have bid Australia a sad farewell for a while and our Toyota Coaster RV is on the market to be sold (see Meanwhile, I have re-ordered the daily entries into time order, moved the trip-logs to a new page and ADDED PICTURES!!. You will find the link to the right (click on the white bus picture).







The logs of our sailing circumnavigation were moved down a level and you will find the link to the right (click on the S/V DoodleBug picture to get to the "old" web-site).










We have also "cleaned up" the sailing logs and reformatted them into .epub files, so that they may be downloaded and read at your convenience on an iPad or Kindle reader as "e-books". Because there are about 6,000 embedded photos in the original website, I needed to split the log of the cruise into 18 "volumes". To date, I have tested these eBook files on both a "Kindle Fire" and an "iPad3". Click right on the "books" icon to access the files for download.







March 24, 2015

Just six years ago we sailed S/V DoodleBug into Fort Pierce, Florida completing a six year circumnavigation. Today we signed a deal to buy another boat! This time around it is a Leopard 47PC “Power Cat”. We are buying “Seconde Chance” from the Moorings Charter Company when she comes off her charter contract at the end of June. We intend to have a suitable re-naming ceremony to assuage the sea god Neptune (probably involving a black rooster, multiple virgins – Tortola is in the Virgin Islands after all - and several beers) and rename her M/Y DoodleBug, in order to match our existing key fob. There are several items that need to be repaired and upgraded but we hope that she will be ready to head out to sea in early August. That time of year is hurricane season in the Caribbean seas and the insurance companies have defined a “box” that lies between latitudes N12 40.0’ and N23 30.0’ and longitudes W55 and W85. Inside this box you have either no coverage or limited coverage for a “named” storm. We will need to head south to avoid weather related catastrophes and are considering the “ABC” Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) off the coast of Venezuela.

Watch this space for developments!