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The Great Oz Walkabout  

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October 2013 -- Website Update: We left the mainland USA in late December 2012, after months of planning a grand walkabout in Australia. Christmas 2012 was celebrated on the island of Saipan in the Marianas chain and after New Year's we visited the islands of Tinian, Guam, Yap and Palau before flying to Cairns, Australia. We had been researching used motor-homes in Australia for months and planned to purchase same for use in our "Great Oz Walkabout".

I have re-ordered the daily entries into time order, moved the trip-logs to a new page and you will find the link to the right (click on the white bus picture).

December 2013 - Website Update: I just finished adding pictures to the Australia trip logs. Merry Christmas!






Meanwhile, we have moved the trip-logs of our sailing circumnavigation down a level and you will find the link to the right (click on the S/V DoodleBug picture to get to the "old" web-site).









We have also "cleaned up" the sailing logs and reformatted them into .epub files, so that they may be downloaded and read at your convenience on an iPad or Kindle reader as "e-books". Because there are about 6,000 embedded photos in the original website, I needed to split the log of the cruise into 18 "volumes". To date, I have tested these eBook files on both a "Kindle Fire" and an "iPad3". Click right on the "books" icon to access the files for download.






August 2, 2013 (final entry from 2013 trip)

We arrived home on Monday and began the process of readjusting to a 15 hour time difference including driving on the “right” (means “correct” in American English) side of the road. We have really enjoyed our Australian adventure for the past six months. It has been truly unforgettable. The scenery, wildlife, hospitality and friendship of all of the people we have met have been overwhelming.

After surviving six months of the perceived Australian hazards of crocodiles, jellyfish, venomous snakes and equally venomous spiders and on our third day back in Corpus Christi, Texas, Annette received seven wasp stings while trimming bushes in the front yard and is currently suffering from pain, swelling and itching. We look forwards to our speedy return to the safety of Australia.